Latest Tips, How to Get Rid of Mosquitoes Using Lemongrass

Lemongrass is often found in the kitchen as an added ingredient in food makers, but do you know that lemongrass can also be used to repel mosquitoes? The aroma produced from these natural ingredients is not liked by mosquitoes, so if you smell the lemongrass, the mosquitoes will go away from your house.

Mosquitoes are insects that are very annoying because they often interfere at night, especially when you sleep. Actually there are many ways to repel or kill mosquitoes, including mosquito rackets (how to use them by swinging the racket towards mosquitoes that are flying, mosquitoes will electrocute and die), with mosquito spray (how to spray the device into areas known to be mosquitoes, chemicals inside it will make mosquitoes die), and you can also use mosquito repellent (the way is to burn the insect repellent earlier, the chemicals contained in the drug will make the mosquitoes die).

All the ingredients above have chemicals or if you don’t use dangerous ingredients, why don’t you use natural ingredients? As I said earlier, lemongrass is a natural ingredient that can be used to repel mosquitoes. How to use it is:

  • Prepare enough lemongrass
  • Cut into pieces
  • Put it in a blender with a little water
  • Blend until smooth
  • Strain and use the lemongrass filter to spray the mosquito or it can also be used to mop the floor.

Natural ingredients that are around us are actually many benefits that can be obtained, but sometimes we do not know it. One of the natural ingredients that we can take advantage of is lemongrass, which is to repel the annoying mosquitoes. The resulting lemongrass aroma will make mosquitoes do not like and will immediately go away from your place.

That’s how to use lemongrass to repel mosquitoes. Hopefully the short article is useful for all of you and good luck !!!

How to Teach Discipline in Children

Children are parents’ hope to be useful and can encourage parents. Therefore it is necessary to provide proper education so that the child does not go wrong. One of the paths to a good and successful person is to uphold discipline, so it is important for you as a parent to teach discipline to children from an early age.

Benefits that can be obtained from discipline include:

  • Cultivate responsibility
  • Teaches determination
  • Become confident
  • Can foster an independent attitude
  • Can set time

To foster discipline in the child can be taken, among others:

  • Clearing All Toys After Use

The way to improve discipline in the first child is to tell that after playing, the game used is immediately cleared. This is so that children learn discipline to carry out their own obligations. If after the child plays and the game used is left scattered, the child’s soul for discipline will not grow and they will always depend on others.

  • Teach Please Help Early

To make children have a disciplined attitude, teach children to help each other early on, so children will have high empathy for what others experience. Discipline can grow from empathy to others, so that later when they are adults they will be able to be useful to others.

  • Teach Wake Up Morning

To educate the discipline of the next child is to teach children to get up early. Besides being useful for teaching discipline, by waking up in the morning the child will not be a lazy person.

  • Set Schedule

Make a schedule of children’s activities every day, for example what time should you take a shower, what time is the time to play, and what time they should sleep. Now the schedule will make educated children to get used to doing it right on the schedule you make.

  • Give a Gift to Every Child Successfully Doing Something

For example, if the child succeeds in carrying out what you told him to do, then give him a gift (that is the motivation of the child). It does not have to be a luxury item, just by praising the child it is a sufficient gift for success.

  • Don’t Pamper It

Every parent must expect their children to be happy, but they don’t have to spoil it. Pampering your baby and obeying all desires will make the child have a nature that depends on you, and independence and discipline will not grow well.

That is the way to teach children a disciplined attitude, which can be a provision later when a child becomes an adult. Because discipline is very necessary for everyone so they know their rights and obligations. May be useful for you all.

How to Get Rid of Ants with Natural Materials, Guaranteed Effective

The ants that are in your house are annoying but can also be dangerous for your child. Now if you have ants in your home, let alone ants who are so hungry, then immediately take action to get rid of them.

Ants usually occur when food is scattered around your house (especially sweet ones), so it is important to maintain the cleanliness of the home environment so that the ants do not arrive. Bitten by ants is not really felt if those who are bitten are adults. But if you are bitten by your child, then it can cause a separate problem, especially the ants are the famous ngangrang ants when exposed to their teeth will cause heat and itching.

Indeed, many are circulating in the market for mosquito repellents, but the ingredients used are chemicals and that can also harm your child, also you yourself. So it uses natural ingredients to repel the ants, your lost ants and family are safe. Then what natural ingredients can be used as mosquito repellent devices? the following include:

  • Using cucumbers

The natural ingredient for expelling the first ant is to use a cucumber. Place the cucumber in the place where the ants usually walk in a colony, or you can place a piece of cucumber on the ant hole. Cucumber is something ants don’t like.

  • Use Coffee Powder

Coffee powder can also be used as a tool to drive ants away. The trick is to sprinkle pure coffee powder where the ants pass by, or directly sprinkle it into the ant hole. Guaranteed ants will run wildly and they don’t come back again.

  • Banish with Betel Leaves

The way to expel ants with the next natural ingredient is betel leaf. The aroma that comes out of the betel leaf is not liked by ants, the way is to squeeze the betel leaves to give off a strong aroma, after that place it on the place where the ants roam.

In addition to the natural ingredients above, you can use ingredients around you to force the ants to go far away. The surrounding ingredients that can be used as a tool to repel ants are soap and baking soda. That’s a natural ingredient that can be used to keep ants away from your home. Good luck trying, and hopefully it will be useful for you.

Causes of distended stomachs and natural ingredients to overcome them

Distended stomach besides making you less confident, it turns out it can also cause its own danger for those of you who experience it. The cause of the distended stomach itself can be caused by several things, including:

  • Alcohol

Besides being intoxicating, drinking alcohol turns out to also cause a distended stomach. This is because in alcohol there are large amounts of sugar and calories. That is what causes fat deposits to accumulate in the stomach, so the stomach will become distended.

  • Lack of Sports

The cause of the next distended stomach is due to lack of exercise. Exercise healthy body, can also make the stomach slim. Therefore it is very important to maintain body fitness by exercising.

  • Fatty Foods

Fatty foods can also cause the stomach to become distended, so eat foods that contain little fat.

  • Snacking at Night

In addition to a number of things above, the cause of the next distended stomach is snacking at night. In addition to causing a distended stomach, snacking at night can also cause weight gain.

Those are some of the causes of a distended stomach. Well then, I will share the natural way of shrinking the distended stomach. The traditional ways to shrink the distended stomach include:

Using Green Tea

Natural ingredients shrink the distended stomach the first is to use green tea. Green tea has long been believed to be able to lose weight and bloated stomach. The best way to consume green tea is before eating, drink it while it’s warm before eating. That way the stomach will be slightly filled so that it will cause you to reduce the portion of food.

Mixture of Tea with Lime

The natural ingredient that can be used to shrink the next distended stomach is to use a mixture of tea with lime. The mixture of ingredients works naturally to shrink your distended stomach. The serving method is, like when you mix regular tea, then add lime juice. Immediately drink while still warm, it will make your mind calm. In addition, if consumed regularly, your distended stomach will shrink.

With a slim stomach, confidence will increase. That’s the cause and how to deal with a bulging stomach. Hopefully useful for you.

How to take care of fish in an aquarium so as not to die easily

Having an aquarium with beautiful ornamental fish will make your eyes pampered. By looking at the ornamental fish, your mind will become fres and stress will decrease slightly. But sometimes because of your lack of knowledge about caring for ornamental fish in the aquarium, it will make these beautiful fish die.

How to treat fish in an aquarium so that it’s not easy to die is actually easy, you just need to do a few things below:

  • Place fish based on the type, so as not to fight when put together. Because ornamental fish can also be aggressive (louhan, arwana, piranha, oscar), now you have to separate the types of fish above and do not mix with other fish. Apart from agrofuels, there are also non-aggressive fish or fish that can be mixed with others (except with aggressive fish). Some types of fish that can be mixed in one aquarium include chefs, carp, platy fish, comet fish, etc. Actually there are still other types of fish, namely territorial fish, namely fish that have a territory. Don’t mix aggressive fish with territorial fish, because it will be dangerous for your fish. It’s okay to mix territorial fish with non-aggressive fish from your aquarium that is large enough and there are many corals.
  • How to treat fish in an aquarium so that it does not easily die next is to know the original habitat of the fish originated. If the ika habitat is in heavy water, then the filter that ejects water must be placed in the auarium without limitation. But there are several types of fish whose natural habitat is calm water, so give a spray of water to the filter so that the spray does not disturb the fish.
  • The accuracy of the installation of light must also be appropriate, because there are fish that like bright light, but not a few fish that prefer darker atmosphere.
  • So that the fish in the aquarium is not easy to die next is to give the right food according to the type of fish. Fish food is divided into 3 groups (carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores). You must know the foods that are suitable and in accordance with the fish you are keeping.
  • Replace Iaraium water at least once a month if the size of the aquarium is small. But if you have large amounts of Aquarium, you can replace the water two or three months. Water cleanliness in the aquarium can cause ika to be healthy and not easily die.
  • Clean the filter a maximum of once a week, because the dirty filter will inhibit the water flow rate, besides that it can also make the dirt in the aquarium not absorbed perfectly.

That’s how to treat fish in an aquarium so that it doesn’t die easily, hopefully it’s useful for you all. Good luck!!!

How to Face a Stubborn Person

The character of people is different from one another, some are shy, brave, obedient, stubborn, etc. One characteristic or character that needs understanding in facing it is stubbornness.

Stubbornness is the nature and character of someone who wants to win alone, selfish, and does not want to listen to the opinions of others. Stubbornness is different from the principle of each individual (this needs to be understood).

Dealing with someone who has a stubborn attitude is indeed annoying, because you are required to budge (if not, there will be ongoing debate). There are a number of things you must do if you find friends or relatives who have a stubborn nature to avoid hostility. Some of these things include:

  • Shut up and relent

The way to deal with the character of people who have the first stubborn character is to be quiet and relent. This you do for good, succumbing to not mean losing. Instead of you arguing and there will be hostility, you better keep quiet and yield.

  • Talk to Evidence or Facts

Bad or stubborn people will usually lose if you can prove if your opinion is more correct. Look for evidence and show the truth of your opinion. This will make a stubborn person feel or admit his mistake. Read also this information from

  • Don’t be lured by emotions

The way to deal with the stubborn nature of the next person is to talk to always put the head cold. Don’t be tempted by emotion, because if you are provoked, then what happens is it will subside but it will become even more.

  • Just leave

The final step in dealing with stubborn people is to leave it. Just go away than you argue that is useless. This is the best way to overcome the above problems.

That’s how to respond to and face people who have stubborn characters. May be useful for you all.

How to Get Around the Habit of Eating Food

Some bad habits done by children will result in things that are not good for themselves, one of the bad habits in children that need to be considered is eating food.

Most mothers will be confused about the attitude of children who often eat food. This will have an impact on the baby’s lack of nutritional intake if not addressed immediately.

Giving solid food is often given to children over the age of 1 year, this is actually good for child development, but children cannot digest the food directly, most of them will only eat the food. Now this is what causes the child to become less fulfilled in his nutritional intake.

To prevent this, you as a mother should provide a variety of foods with different flavors so that children are not bored. Apart from this, you can also do the following:

  • Teach Children How to Chew the Right

The first way to address the bad habits of children snacking on food is to teach children how to chew the right food. Parents must provide examples of how to chew properly, don’t let children know about how to chew slowly.

  • Vary the Menu

As I mentioned above, give a varied menu so that children don’t get bored with the menu. Because maybe children do that because they are bored with the food you serve.

  • Create Enjoyable Meal Times

The way to overcome the habit of children snacking on the next food is to create a pleasant atmosphere while eating. Create a pleasant atmosphere when giving food intake to children, so children do not feel burdened to eat.

  • Don’t give Dot

The habit of giving a pacifier will have an impact on children being happy to eat food. For this reason it would be better not to give the pacifier so that the habit continues by eating food. See also

That’s how to deal with bad habits of children eating food. I hope the short article is useful for all of you, and good luck !!!

How to Make a Partner Remain Loyal, so that the household is durable

Having a faithful partner is the dream of all people, if those who do not want it means less normal hehe. If you have a partner, then you should do as much as possible so that your partner remains loyal to you.

For those of you who are already married, faithful is an absolute thing so that your house keeper is safe and not shaky. Infidelity is the highest factor in divorce.

Then how do you make your partner loyal to you and your household? Here are some ways:

  • You Don’t cheat

The first way to keep your partner loyal is that you don’t cheat. Keep your love for him, and keep your loyalty. Thus, your partner will see your loyalty so that he will be less likely to cheat.

  • Keep Attention

The next way to maintain partner loyalty is to remain attentive. Give attention to your partner as well as when you are dating, don’t change the habit. Your attention is what will make your partner think millions of times to cheat.

  • Take care of the pregnancy

This is important so that your partner stays loyal to you. Take care of the appearance so he doesn’t turn and look for others. Keep looking clean, neat, and fragrant so that your partner will increasingly love.

  • Finish As Soon As Possible There Are Problems

The occurrence of an affair is actually not only caused by an intention, but sometimes because of an opportunity. Starting from a problem that accumulates, then you or your partner will confide in friends or other people. Well it starts from vent, that’s usually going to arise comfort towards people who are invited to vent. Then you should immediately solve it together whenever problems arise, and don’t let the problem drag on.

  • Don’t be over protective

The next way to make your partner loyal is not to be over protective. Love trust in a partner, surely he will maintain the trust you give. Someone who is confined will actually make the person rebel. So once again, give confidence in the activities that he did.

  • Give praise

Wow, how beautiful are you today? Or your cuisine is second to none. That is a husband’s praise of his wife. Well for your wife, praise your husband by saying that he is the best man in his life, or just say thank you for your attention. That is a form of praise so that your partner stays loyal.

Don’t let your hard-earned household intertwine so far because of the problem of infidelity.

That’s how to keep your partner loyal, so that the household lasts longer. Hopefully useful for all of you, good luck !!!

Sate Keong Sawah Recipe, one of Angringan’s Favorite Menu

Conch satay (especially rice field snails) is a menu that usually exists in a angkringan stall. Rice conch if cooked properly will produce a distinctive and delicious taste.

Snail satay is one of the excellent menus in angkringan stalls, because it is unique but also tastes not inferior to other meat satay. If you like this satay, then now you can make it yourself at home.

Below, I will give the angkringan rice conch satay recipes:


  • 250 grams of rice conch (boil first until tender)
  • Oil for sautéing
  • Small diameter skewers (so as not to break when the snail meat is stabbed)


  • 1 bay leaf
  • Spread 1 lemongrass stick
  • 1.5 tablespoons sweet soy sauce
  • Combed enough brown sugar
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoon of sugar
  • Sufficient pepper powder

Ground spices:

  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 4 red onion cloves
  • 1 cm of ginger

How to cook:

  • heat the oil
  • Saute all the ingredients that have been abducted
  • After a fragrant aroma, enter the first seasoning
  • Capture the spices until blended
  • Add the cooked snails
  • Cook until fully cooked
  • If you have, chill it first
  • Snail stitch using skewers (fill according to taste)
  • Serve it

That is the recipe for making delicious rice conch satay. Hopefully useful to add to your insight. Good luck!!!

Ways to Differentiate True Love from Lust Love

Love for the opposite sex is a feeling that is bestowed by God on a pair of humans to love each other, share, have each other, mutual attention, and complement each other. True love or true love is when you want to accept a partner without any reason, and want to accept him for who he is (not anything).

But many people think it’s wrong and equate love with lust, it’s a totally inconsequential view. Because basically love is purely to guard, not to get sexual impulse.

Lust is a strong psychological force that results in an intense desire or desire for an object or situation for the fulfillment of these emotions. In relation to sex is when someone wants to have sex with the opposite sex.

Above it is clear that lust and true love are very different things. So you have to understand that so that you really get a genuine boyfriend to love you because of your heart, not just passion.

To find out if your partner really loves you or in other words true love or love because of lust, you can see it from a number of things below:

  • True love is never a matter of your appearance, he will accept you for who you are.

Being in love because of lust, he often disputes your appearance. Sometimes he will be fussy when you do not look according to his desires.

  • The difference between true love and love because of the next passion is:

True love: discussion of personal matters becomes very pleasant, and it is a means of getting to know each other.

Love of lust: personal things will be very unimportant to discuss, because he has no other purpose during courtship than mere lust.

  • True nature: going out with a girlfriend with friends and creating a fun atmosphere is extraordinary. Laughing together, joking together.

Love lust: prefers to go alone and always invite quiet places.

  • The way to find out true love with the next love of lust is:

True love: exists at all times if needed, and never complains to always give.

Love lust: he comes when he needs it and if there is a chance alone together, always asks and rarely gives.

  • True love: prefers to discuss a fun thing, and accept and listen to your story.

Love lust: it is more fun if it leads to physicality, and does not care about other things.

  • The difference between true love and lust love is:

True love: want to meet soon to let go of longing with laughter.

Lust: want to meet soon to vent lust.

  • True love: there is jealousy as a sign of love

Love of lust: not being defenseless You are close to whom besides him, the important thing is that he gets what he likes.

True love loves each other, not intercourse

True love makes happy, open disappointed


Those are some things that can be used as a sign whether he really loves you or only the passions impersonating love. Hopefully it’s useful for you.